Expectations of Students

  1. Come prepared to the CTC with your book, notes, questions, and model kits, when necessary.
  2. While waiting for assistance, you should attempt to figure out the problems/questions you have by looking through your text or notes.
  3. Try to figure out what it is specifically that you don’t understand so you can receive assistance that is beneficial.
  4. Due to the volume of students using the CTC, you may not receive assistance immediately.  If necessary, seek out other resources – attend an SI session, visit your instructor during office hours or contact the Undergraduate Tutorial Center for one-on-one tutoring options.
  5. The staff of the CTC will not do your homework for you.  Be prepared to work though similar problems then apply the same concepts to other problems.
  6. Please do not contact the CTC staff outside of their scheduled hours unless permission has been obtained from the CTC staff.  They are also full time students, and they will not answer chemistry questions over the phone or through email.
  7. The CTC staff is available as a resource, not as an expert.  If they do not know the answer to your question, you should seek out other resources.